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Diamonds & Diamonds

At high temperatures and high pressures, millions of years ago, deep underground, the carbon crystallized, forming a dense cubic structure transforming into diamond and graphite. Diamond has the highest hardness, density of the diamond about 3.52 g/cm. However, the diamond …

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Choice of gold chain

We wear them under clothes and produce out and wrapped around the wrists and ankles, wraps around the waist? All loved and classic jewelry – chain. They are men, women and children, regardless of age. Gold Chains blend with any …

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Golden Earring

Such jewelry, like earrings know absolutely everything. After all, they are at the level of individual rights, and therefore more visible than other accessories. Properly chosen earrings of gold can give to the image rights of brightness and originality. Often …

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Prospects for investment in diamonds

Questions and answers that will help you, the visitors jewelry online store, is given to how investment in diamonds is now profitable. Question: Can Diamonds become an investment tool that will save (s) or the means to multiply the population? …

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Choosing a stone by zodiacal sign

Any gem stone itself is a talisman of his master. And surely picked up on the horoscope, the stone will provide its possessor a good mood, good luck and happy thoughts. For Rams lucky charms stones – a pomegranate, ruby, …

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Ear Piercing

In today’s society Piercing erroneously considered newfangled fad, history has piercing millennium. The first body piercing jewelry have appeared in the days when gold and still did not exist. So fabricated Earring for piercing from any available materials – wood, …

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Aquamarine – ocharovyvayusche beautiful gemstone

Aquamarine overflows into the extraordinarily beautiful range light blue colors: light blue sky to the deep blue sea. Aquamarine – Ocharovyvayusche beautiful gemstone. Women the world over adore him for his fine blue color, played along with any eye color. …

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The rich color of garnet

Grenades – Do not these dark-red jewels that are so often found in antique jewelry? Definitely yes, because the warm, deep red – the most common color of garnets. And, unfortunately, very little is known that color the world of …

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