Allnatt diamond

Allnatt diamond Allnatt diamondAllnatt diamond is a diamond which is believed to be found in the Premier mine in South African Republic. This beautiful diamond got the name Allnatt after one of its owners, Major Alfred Ernest Allnatt, who was a famous soldier, sportsman, businessman and generous benefactor. Allnatt diamond weighs 101.29 carats (20.258g) and have cushion cut shape. He got fancy vivid yellow color rate by the Gemological Institute of America.

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Allnatt diamond as a part of The Splendor of Diamonds collection

True origin of Allnatt diamond is still unknown until it was purchase by Major Allnatt in early 1950′s. After the purchase, the owner debited Cartier to process the diamond.

Allnatt diamond as a part of The Splendor of Diamonds Allnatt diamond

The result of finish process was a platinum flower with five petals, a stem and two leaves. This beautiful diamond has been sold at Cristie’s auction in Geneva in May 1996th for a little more than $3 million, specifically for $3,043,496.00.

At the time of sale in 1996th, Allnatt diamond weighed 102.07 carats (20.41g) and was rated as fancy intense yellow in color. After being purchased by the SIBA Corporation, the diamond has been restored to the original weight and intensity.

And finally, Allnatt diamond was exposed at Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History which lasted from 27th June to 30th September 2003th, as a part of the exhibition The Splendor of Diamonds, along with the Steinmetz Pink diamond, the Millennium Star diamond, The Heart of Eternity diamond, the Pumpkin diamond, the Moussaieff Red diamond and the Ocean Dream diamond.

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