Three Important Tips When Choosing Diamond Rings

Diamonds are one of the most beautiful natural creations in the world and a diamond is probably one of the most expensive rocks you will ever buy! Yet every diamond is unique from the way it is cut, to its …

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The world's first ring made entirely of diamonds with the price of $70 million

The world’s first ring made entirely of diamonds with the price of $70 million!

Swiss jewelry company based in Geneva announced that they made the world’s first ring, for which making is not used any precious metal but only cut diamond of 150 carats. Its value is $70 million. This ring is made of …

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Tips To Buy Diamond Rings Online

diamond engagement rings are not just a piece of jewelry, but is a symbol of love, commitment, trust, faith, loyalty, purity and unity. And therefore, are the best way to express your love. You can find lots of options in …

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Tongue jewelry

The durability of jewelry is amazing. Time changes a lot, but rings, bracelets, cufflinks, pendants, earrings and necklaces, tiaras and necklaces seem to be present in a person’s life forever. It is noteworthy that the decoration – is the most …

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Engagement ring

The choice of engagement rings. Sooner or later, before every man there is a question the choice of engagement rings. Before we begin, may I’ll be honest with you? The best way to buy engagement ring, which loves to loss …

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Wearing a bracelet on his arm or ring with turquoise attracts a man wealth

The ancient Persians believed that wearing the bracelet on her arm or ring with turquoise attracted to a man of wealth. Today, turquoise is used for inserts into any jewelry. Turquoise – a popular and still very affordable, semi-precious stone. …

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Gold ring with corundum

Called directly from two sources of origin of the word ” ring “- Old Church Slavonic and French . This kind of jewelry is one of the most ancient: in the Paleolithic era of our ancestors already wear a ring …

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Iolite – violet stone

Iolite – a colorful variety of the mineral cordierite, described in the XIX century. , A French geologist, Pierre Louis Antoine Curdier. The term “Iolite” made from the Greek word “ion – violet “and litho -« stone “and points to …

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Gold jewelry alloys

Pure , 24 karat gold has a deep yellow color ( orange shade of yellow ) and the mechanical properties of very soft and supple . By alloying karat gold can get different alloys with gold content from 8 to …

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Art Deco Filigree Diamond Engagement Ring in Platinum

Meticulously executed in lavish platinum, this gorgeous Art Deco engagement ring is hand crafted in delicate pierced filigree, hand finished with mill grain edging and an intricately detailed wheat pattern down the 3 outward facing sides of the ring. At …

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Carat Princess Cut Diamond Antique Style Engagement Ring Setting in 18 Karat White Gold

This gorgeous ring is a very special antique style 18K white gold engagement ring setting completely crafted by hand and adorned with 10 round brilliant cut diamonds of G/H color and VS clarity for a total of 0.10 carat for …

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Wedding Pearl Jewelry

Owning a pearl necklace is every woman’s desire. Pearl jewelry, especially pearl necklaces, are often passed down from generation to generation. They also make a great gift for bridesmaids, maid of honor, as well as the mother of the groom …

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