Choice of gold chain

choice of gold chain 300x262 Choice of gold chainWe wear them under clothes and produce out and wrapped around the wrists and ankles, wraps around the waist? All loved and classic jewelry – chain. They are men, women and children, regardless of age. Gold Chains blend with any style of clothing and complement almost every image.

Catalog chains jewelry shops are always replete with diversity. Denote the basic types of weaving:
Jewelry chain with anchor weave composed of parts of a round or oval in shape, they are located in mutually perpendicular planes. Such netting is familiar to all and is the most traditional and classical. Wearing whether such jewelry with the classic suit or complement their extravagant way – entirely depends on the specific model. A chain with small links in a calm style – a universal solution. A larger model or double weave is the perfect finishing touch to complete the catchy image. Wear as a long and large jewelry anchor chain at the waist as a decoration or as a strap, belt jewelry chains have links (from 3do 5) in the form of ringlets, connected by a perpendicular.

Such decorations extremely romantic and sweet. Distinctive ribbons of precious metals are designed to gently swirl the neck of young girls and give freshness to the look of ladies, fantasy Jewelry- Chain, consisting of double rings, bend in half and threaded into one another. It is very unusual and bright. It is also extremely fond of women of fashion of the world combined models jewelry chains, combining various forms of weaving. Non-standard model by its very appearance can turn an ordinary sweatshirt most or blouse in a very elegant and attractive thing; jewelry chain with armored weaving quite unusual. Chains of Gold consist of units that lie in one plane. Especially nice to wear such jewelry chain top divers and sweaters with high neckline; Venetian weaving jewelry such as chains, has always been extremely strong and durable thanks to the original connection links.

Only experienced jewelers are able to realize such a fine job, lace, or the so-called flagellum jewelry of precious metal extremely popular, because is one of the strongest ways of weaving chains. Looks nice as a single variant, and in conjunction with Pendants. Can buy chain- Flagellum clothing Orthodox symbols (icons, icons, crosses). Very comfortable and suitable for people of all ages. Choosing a particular model appropriate, taking into account individual rights concept of comfort and appeal.

You can easily find various types of weaving, original style solutions in the performance of jewelry and chains, as well as variations in color gold (yellow, white, red).

The friendly and qualified consultants jewelry online store “Jewelry map” to answer all questions in order of price and availability of goods. The most stylish jewelry and chain for you.

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