Cullinan – The world’s largest diamond

cullinan the worlds largest diamond Cullinan   The worlds largest diamondSince the formation of diamonds associated with periods of a few hundred million years, not surprising rare appearance of larger samples. In most cases unearthed diamonds weighing less than a few grams to tens of grams, so those who with their weight exceeds one hundred grams have the title of the world’s wonders. One of them is definitely and Cullinan diamond.

Cullinan diamond

Discovery of large diamonds is a rare appearance, but with the development of technology and the appearance of companies that deal only with excavation of jewels, from one discovery to the next, intervals are shorter and shorter.

The largest rough diamond in the world is named Cullinan, and it was found in 1905th in South African Republic, in the Premier mine. It was named by the mine owner Sir Thomas Cullinan. Before processing he weighed 621.35 grams or 3106.75 carats but for practicality is divided into 9 major and 96 smaller diamonds.

Namely, in the analysis of rough stone was noticed black spot in the middle of which is why it was halved in the middle in order to additional processing get the clean, transparent pieces of diamonds.

cullinan diamond in the crown jewels Cullinan   The worlds largest diamond

Most of the larger samples of diamonds have found their place in the royal family jewels, especially in the UK. The world’s largest specimen back then, after processing named the Cullinan I, or “Great Star of Africa”, weighing 106.1 grams or 530.4 carats, was donated to the king Edward VII on his birthday.

To safely traveled from Africa into the arms of a new owner in Britain, Cullinan had to be well protected. They hyped rumors that diamond travels with steamboat under the protection of a numerous

detectives from London, however these rumors were a diversion to attract potential thieves misleading. Cullinan was sent to Britain by plane, in ordinary carton box. The value of a diamond is estimated at approximately $400 million.

This beautiful diamond has its smaller brother, who is also obtained from Cullinan stone and is named Cullinan II or “Lesser Star of Africa”, which weighs 63.5 grams or 317,4 carats. Both stones are in the crown of the British Royal family.
Here you can find the other 7 major stones cut from the Cullinan.

Although the Cullinan is still officially the largest found diamond, there are unofficial stories about a recent new discovery, also in South African Republic. Apparently the new diamond could exceed twice the size of the Cullinan, weighing approximately 7000 carats.

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