Drawbacks to shopping online for diamonds

44 Drawbacks to shopping online for diamondsThere are definitely some places on the internet where you don’t want to buy diamonds.There are some drawbacks to shopping online for diamonds.

1. Being able to see the diamonds in person. Many people like to go shopping for their diamond in person so they can see it, compare it, etc. However, this is a fallacy — you do not need to see diamonds in person to judge their quality. Buying diamonds is like buying a house; simply decide on the specifications that suit your needs in your price range and make the purchase. They are all basically just compressed carbon. If you have the specifications of the diamonds it is very simple to make the purchase, however some people still prefer to see them in person. This is especially true if they do not know how big a 1/2ct diamond really is, or just how yellow a “J” color diamond is. For these people, we suggest you consult a store and get accustomed to understanding diamonds more in person because these things are not very easy to discern online.

2. Returns. Although many online merchants offer wonderful and convenient return policies, you still have to mail it in, and sometimes it’s just easier to go to the store and return it. If you are not sure if she will say “yes” or not, perhaps you should consider buying from a store, or make sure the return will be as painless as possible from your online merchant.

All in all, it is very safe and convenient to shop online and the bargains to be had are simply impossible to get in a store. It is the best way for savvy and educated diamond buyers to shop these days.

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