Engagement Ring Settings & Semi Mount Rings

7 Engagement Ring Settings & Semi Mount RingsEngagement ring settings are available in a wide range of styles and precious metals from understated, elegant solitaires to exquisite gemstone encrusted pavé settings.

The most popular choice is the solitaire and by default it’s also the most affordable and available of all the setting styles. Unless you’ve already chosen your gemstone or diamond then that’s where you should start.

It’s always best to choose the shape and size of the gemstone before choosing the setting because most people choose diamonds which can cost between 10 or 20 times what the setting will, and unless you know your shape and size you won’t know which style to buy.

For the best results follow the loose diamonds buying guide. If you know what you want and can’t wait to see some of the best semi mount rings available today then use the page navigation below.

What Are The Precious Metals Options?

Platinum engagement ring settings are the best choice for the modern engagement ring simply because they’re so hard wearing and will better protect any set gemstones from harm. Not only that but they are very beautiful and extremely hypoallergenic to boot.

Gold engagement ring settings are more affordable of course and if you’re considering gold with fine diamonds then make sure that it has a platinum head in which to hold the center stone more securely. Always remember that 22K and 18k gold are the finer metals but 14k gold is undoubtedly the toughest and the best grade to choose for rings.

Titanium is a modern choice and although it’s not a precious metal in the true sense of the word it’s light, very hard and it’s very hypoallergenic. Finding traditional solitaire settings made in titanium is very difficult and when you do find them they are very expensive, even more so than platinum.

Another factor to consider with engagement ring settings is the wearer. If a ring is to be worn all day everyday then it would be more prudent to opt for a six prong setting rather than a four prong. From time to time a ring can experience some very hard knocks and the center stone will usually take the worst of it.

This could mean that the stone may get chipped or in the very worst case scenario the stone could come free and be lost, therefore a six prong head will give extra security and peace of mind. That said, a four prong setting will allow better penetration of light and the diamond will sparkle a little more brightly.

What Are The Component Parts Of Engagement Ring Settings?

An engagement ring setting comprises two parts a) The band that encircles the finger which is called the shank. b) The head, or in the case of three stone rings – heads, which holds the gemstone/s in place. The head can be a prong set up or bezel setting in which a band/collar of metal encompasses the stone around its girdle.

The shank can also contain hollows, grooves and channels in which other smaller gemstone accents can be set into the ring. This can give different effects such as sidestone settings, diamond / gemstone clusters, pavé (pavement of gemstones) and channel settings in which stones can run the entire length of the band in hollow channels cut along the circumference of the shank.

An engagement ring setting that doesn’t have center stones that are already set into the head/s are called semi mount rings and are available at all good jewelry stores.

Which Setting Should I Choose?

The answer to that question is almost like asking “which car should I choose”? The most obvious answer is the best one you can at the price you can afford, but there’s a little more to it than that.

If you can afford it then go for platinum engagement ring settings right off the bat. A classic four prong solitaire semi mount ring comes in at $300.00 and up depending on the thickness and width of the shank.

The more intricate the band and the more gemstones that semi mount rings have, the more expensive they will get and if you have a petite future fiancée, a large heavily encrusted engagement ring setting may appear more than a little out of place on her delicate love finger.

Ultimately it’s the size and shape of the center stone that dictates the style of popular engagement ring settings especially with heart, marquise and emerald shaped gemstones and this is closely followed by budget of course.

By far the most popular diamond shape is the round brilliant and this is the diamond for which you’ll find the largest selection of semi mount rings for sale.

Where’s The Best Place To Buy?

We honestly think that you’ll get the best deals online. You’ll get the best prices, a huge selection to choose from and 30 days to return them if for any reason whatsoever you wish to refund your purchase. It’s unlikely that your local jewelry store can match it.

Which Suppliers Offer The Best Semi Mount Rings?

We did some searches and we found plenty of good suppliers which we have summarized below. Some offered the top of the range while others offered more affordable options but they all offered excellent value for money, excellent service, ease of use and customer satisfaction coupled with full 30 day refund policies.


Mondera have a fine selection of engagement ring settings to choose from. A good selection of affordable gold and platinum solitaire engagement ring settings are complimented by a good range of gemstone and diamond accented rings.

They also have a nice three stone ring selection but these are all pre set so you can’t choose the diamonds.

Price wise you should expect to spend between $200.00 and $4,000.00 for semi mount settings and up to $10,000.00 for pre set three stone diamond rings.  9.5/10

Blue Nile

Blue Nile carry a beautiful range of engagement ring settings and at the time of writing they have the largest selection of classic solitaire engagement ring settings. We found 31 different styles of solitaire settings from 14k gold to platinum.

There are also plenty of gemstone accented rings to choose from and there’s a nice selection of pre set three stone rings to choose from. All can be classed as elegant engagement ring settings.

You can expect prices from $200.00 to $4,000.00 for the semi mount rings and up to $10,000.00 for a three stone diamond ring.  9/10

Ariels Ice Store

Ariels Ice store is an amazing place for high end engagement ring settings. They only sell highest quality platinum engagement ring settings that can be precision set with your choice of diamonds.

The range of simple solitaires is small but gorgeous and the unique accented settings and pavé styles are superb. There’s also a fantastic antique style and engraved platinum selection. Their three stone selection allows you to set your own choice of stones and all work is custom made to order so something unique isn’t out of the question.

The Ice Store specialize in fancy color diamonds from pink to yellow to blue, so if you were after a diamond platinum engagement ring that’s unique then this is THE place to visit.

Price wise the solitaire semi mount rings start at $1,000.00 and end up around $6,000.00 for a diamond encrusted pavé or antique style engagement ring setting that’s unique in every way.

When compared to the other stores featured here, the Ice Store’s higher end gemstone accented rings offered exceptional value. Great Custom work is no problem and they will ensure complete satisfaction guaranteed.

Overall  8.5/10 but for their higher end selection  10/10

Fine Jewelers

Fine jewelers offer a huge selection of semi mount diamond accented engagement ring settings and a good selection of pre set three stone rings.

They currently offer just one simple solitaire but it must be mentioned that for every engagement ring setting on offer you can choose the type of metal that suits you best.

You can specify 14k or 18k yellow or white gold and every ring comes in platinum as well.

Prices start at $99.00 for their 14k gold 6 prong solitaire and rise to $4,000.00 for platinum diamond baguette accented engagement ring settings.  7.5/10

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