Friendship Bracelet Patterns

friendship bracelets patterns Friendship Bracelet PatternsHow friendship bracelet patterns are connected with diamonds and why we decided to write about them at all? There comes a time when we all ask ourselves do we do enough things to keep the friendship and our friends close. Sometimes we realize we need to invest more to keep our friends happy and this might be a great idea for such a situation.

General info about friendship bracelets and patterns

Originally, these colorful bands aka friendship bracelets were invented in Central and South America by Indians. According to tradition, all you have to do is to tie the bracelet on the wrist of a friend, who at that point can make a wish. The bracelet should be worn until the moment it is completely worn out and falls off by itself. Also, according to beliefs, at that time the wish should be fulfilled.

Friendship bracelets are not just for kids! The art of making friendship bracelets have become a tradition and this year is making a comeback! Friendship bracelets are an absolute hit this year and not only among the younger generation but also among the older generation as well, and they are well known among celebrities and trendsetters!

Modified, special and different styles and patterns in all colors of the rainbow will make your outfit more interesting and cheerful! Combine them in different colors with watches and freshen your summer wardrobe. Complete them with beautiful, friendship bracelets.

General info about friendship bracelets and patterns Friendship Bracelet Patterns

Friendship bracelets have made a significant comeback in the fashion scene and with stylish adaptation and different patterns too – made of leather, ribbon, thread and metal. Braided details, beads and pearls make them even more attractive.

They are ideal as a fashion accessory at the beach as well because they are made of materials that will not easily destroyed and with them you can swim freely. For a simple, yet effective look, ground yourself with these bracelets in all colors.

Friendship bracelets are not a very common gift and they make your friends happy and it is even better if those are hand made, especially made by us. If we decide to make a friendship bracelet on our own we definitely need a friendship bracelet patterns. Let us help you with the following ideas and details on the friendship bracelet patterns.

If you are imaginative and have extra time, we advise you to try to make one by yourself! You may surprise yourself and you’ll give bracelets a special value.

Friendship bracelet patterns and how to make them

This is an example of very easy pattern made with strings:

1. Choose which colors to use for your bracelet. The first string should be longer than any other.

2. Fold your string in half, and find their center. Now press the center in the way as you normally would, but make sure that your first string is still first.

3. With your first string, make a forward knot around all the strings.

how to make friendship bracelets Friendship Bracelet Patterns

4. Now create the backward knot with the same string.

5. Repeat these knots (forward and backward) until you get the desired length of the string. Make sure that the string by which you made knots found on the left side when you are done.

6. When you’re done your left side, it’s time to do the same, but on the right side. The starting position of the first string is now on the right side.

Except that in this case, you need to start with the last knot, and then with the front one. So on the right side is all the way around. Then, you’ll make the correct length. String by which you made the knots should now be found on the right side.

7. When finished, fold obtained into a loop, so that the ends of the knots touches. Of course, make sure that you have all the colors of the strings properly distributed.

And that is it.

Here you can watch video explanation about similar friendship bracelet pattern.

Of course, besides this pattern there are many others friendship bracelet patterns. Everyone should first overcome this easier technique or some similar to this and then to think about making more complicated and more beautiful friendship bracelets.

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