How To Approach Your Chosen Diamond

23 How To Approach Your Chosen Diamond If you’ve learned your valuable diamond information lessons properly you’ll be able to walk into your chosen jewelers with absolute confidence and they’ll know it! Remember in the first instance you’re there to appraise them, and just as surely as you’re appraising them, they’re appraising you for profitability.

If they see a weakness they’ll attack it and your weak spot is usually your love for your partner. So leave her at home, go alone and then try and narrow down their attacking options. Even so, don’t try and press home any area of superior diamond knowledge that you think that you have. Superior knowledge and advantage comes with experience, which you automatically won’t have.

Keep your focus, you’re going to be an expert on choosing the right diamond for you. You’re never going to be an expert on the properties and characteristics of fine diamonds without a lot of training and experience.

Let the diamond jewelers know that you’re deadly serious by taking an instantly recognizable book with you. We recommend expert diamond appraiser Fred Cuellar’s book
“How To Buy A Diamond”. Even if you decide never to read it (we recommend you do – it’s very “eye opening”) the jeweler will never know. They’ll just realize straight away that you’ve done your homework and you’re not to be messed with.

Don’t be intimidated, if you know your basics then use your knowledge to ask questions about the kind of equipment the jeweler has to offer you in helping you decide on which diamond to buy. No equipment – no sale, walk away.

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