Nacre – the parent of pearls

nacre the parent of pearls 263x300 Nacre   the parent of pearlsMother of Pearl gets its name from the German Perlmutter, which literally means “mother of pearl. Nacre is known to man with a very long time. In ancient Egypt, mother of pearl has been widely used for making necklaces, earrings , bracelets, all sorts of vessels because of its beauty and ease of handling. In ancient Rome, mother of pearl was a symbol of power and wisdom, it was believed that it brings happiness. During the reign of Catherine II without pearl and pearls not dispense any decoration.

Mother of pearl are combined with other precious stones, emphasizing their color, and does not lose its own charm and beauty. Empress Catherine II and Queen of Scots Mary Queen of Scots wore the stunning necklace of mother of pearl.

Mother of pearl is called the inner layer of mollusk shells. It consists of microscopic crystals, ideally located to each other, so that light passing along the axis of one of kristalllov, reflected and refracted by the other crystals, creating a rainbow effect. The structure differs from the nacre of pearls , only that in all the crystals argonita nacre (calcium carbonate) are arranged parallel to the surface of the shell, and pearl – only in its upper layers.

The color is pearl: iridescent white with different color shades (pink and blue are most valuable), gold and silver, green, purple, black.
Hardness: 2,5-4,5 on the Mohs scale

Basins with high-quality mother of pearl found in warm tropical seas: in the Persian Gulf, Red Sea, near the island of Ceylon and the Pacific Islands. The world pearl market supply Japan and the Philippines. Beautiful black pearl shells give haliotisa abalone (Haliotis). White mother of pearl shell give the Indian sea pearl (Meleagrina margaritifera), reaching a diameter of 10 cm.Nacre must be protected from heat, open flames (can crack and lose its shine), from exposure to acids, abrasives, fumes, cosmetics, pearl should be worn often and always kept clean. Clean only in a weak soap solution, and you can gently rub potato starch, which removes excess moisture and pollution.

Magical properties of nacre

In the practice of magic pearl is not often used. In some countries of the world of shells produced special bowls, assuming that the drinks, poured into them, healing. In order to attract the gods on the surface of the shell struck the drawings.Nacre protects people born under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces . Aquarius it brings good luck in the labor market. Pisces helps win arguments and bets.

As a talisman pearl able to help his master to bring to life new. It helps to develop intuition, to preserve peace and tranquility in the family, protects the house from evil spirits. It is believed that products from nacre can serve as an amulet, prolonging years of his life to his master.

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