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The Marquis is another classic that could be adapted to your ring.

You should consider an engagement ring is specially designed for your friend if you want to make a big impact on her. You can tell in this gesture that your relationship is unique and precious. Search dealer’s loose diamonds wholesale …

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Type setting you choose affects the appearance of your daimond

Why do you buy when there is complete loose diamond diamond ring are available? Where did you buy it from most of the problems. This is why you must make sure that the stores only sell GIA certified loose diamonds. …

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Oldest diamonds discover story

The oldest diamonds yet discovered by man were found suspended inside of a lump of zircon crystals in Western Australia. Scientists say that these miniscule diamonds are about 4.25 billion years old. It was originally estimated that the earth was …

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The Diamond Capital Of The World

Decatur Jewelry & Pawn has been an industry leader in the jewelry business dating back to 1993.  Perry Lewin, co-owner and founder, is a third-generation jeweler with extensive knowledge in the diamond industry.  We have traveled to Antwerp, Belgium–The Diamond …

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Buy loose diamonds in Antwerp

Today, many people want to buy loose diamonds in Antwerp, mainly because they know they get a much better compared to other regions. The fact is that more than half of the diamonds produced worldwide are produced and sold in …

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