The Golden Jubilee – The world’s largest cut diamond

The Golden Jubilee The world’s largest cut diamond The Golden Jubilee   The worlds largest cut diamond“Unnamed Brown”, as the first named Golden Jubilee, is considered one of the ugliest diamonds in the world. It is also the largest cut diamond in the world weighing a staggering 545.67 carats (109.13g), outweighing Cullinan I by 15.27 carats (3.03g), with a shape of fire rose cushion cut and yellow-brown color.

The Golden Jubilee – Discovery of the world’s largest cut diamond

Since 1908th, Cullinan I, known as the Great Star of Africa, is held the title of the biggest diamond in the world until the 1985th, and discovery of the largest brown diamond with a staggering 755.5 carats (151g) in a rich blue ground of the Premier Mine in South African Republic.

In this mine was found the mentioned predecessor, that is, the Cullinan diamonds and also the Taylor-Burton diamond in 1966th and the Centenary diamond in 1986th. The stone was designed by Gabi Tolkowsky, who designed also and Diamond of the Century, that is, the Centenary diamond, which is the largest D-Flawless (flawless diamond) in the world.

The Golden Jubilee Discovery of the worlds largest cut diamond The Golden Jubilee   The worlds largest cut diamond

Golden Jubilee got its name when it is presented to Thailand King 1997th, during its golden anniversary, the 50-anniversary of his coronation. Before that it was called simply Unnamed Brown.

The diamond was brought to Pope John Paul II in the Vatican to be blessed. It is also blessed by the Supreme Buddhist Patriarch and the Supreme Imam in Thailand.

By discovering, the famous Golden Jubilee diamond was given to Gabi Tolkowsky by De Beers Group. The diamond is given in order to test the method and special equipment for cutting which was later used for sophisticated development of Diamond of the Century (Centenary diamond), that is, a diamond without any error.

Such tools and techniques before Golden Jubilee never been used, so it turns out that this diamond is some kind of “gerbil” and a pioneer in this type of experimentation. He is currently in the Thailand Royal Palace as part of the Crown Jewels. Surprisingly beautiful, it is estimated that the average value of the Golden Jubilee diamond is some between $4 – $12 million.

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