The largest pink diamond ever found in Australia

The largest pink diamond ever found in Australia The largest pink diamond ever found in AustraliaPink diamond weighing 12.76 carats was unearthed in February this year in a mine in Australia and is the largest ever found in the country. Diamond named Argyle Pink Jubilee was found in a Argyle mine of Rio Tinto Group in Western Australia. Argyle Mine is the largest producer of pink diamonds in the world, and Rio Tinto claims that its diamonds cover 90 percent of the world market.

Australia’s largest pink diamond

It is expected that for cutting and sanding of diamond take ten days, after which it will reach the market and will be exhibited in cities around the world. Otherwise, the person who was responsible for the processing of diamond is Richard How Kim Kam.

“The diamond of this caliber is unmatched. It took 26 years to dig that stone, and it is possible that we shall never find the same,” said the director of mine Josephine Johnson.

Australia’s largest pink diamond The largest pink diamond ever found in Australia

Australian Herald Sun estimated that the value of the diamond can reach at least $1.07 million. But experts warn that for the estimate of its value is too early, because uncut stone in processing loses at least 50 percent of the weight, and its value depends on the color and clarity.

Natural pink diamonds has been one of the most valuable types of diamonds and can be seen in museums and collections of royal families and at auctions.

Rio Tinto believes that Argyle Pink Jubilee has a similar pink color as a 24 carat Williamson pink diamond, who is Queen Elizabeth II received as a wedding gift.

The most expensive diamond ever sold was a Graff Pink diamond weighing 24.78 carats that was sold at Sotheby’s auction in Geneva 2010th for more than $46 million.

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