The rich color of garnet

the rich color of garnet1 287x300 The rich color of garnetGrenades – Do not these dark-red jewels that are so often found in antique jewelry? Definitely yes, because the warm, deep red – the most common color of garnets. And, unfortunately, very little is known that color the world of garnet, much richer. Featured discoveries, especially in Africa, the traditional painted a picture of red garnet in various colors, even if the red, as always, is the main color of garnet. Due to its diverse range, garnets are suitable to any style of today and the direction of fashion. And, thanks to new discoveries, grenades many different colors can be found everywhere. Therefore, this group of precious stones gives new impulses jewelry business.

The word “garnet” Specialist understands a group of more than ten different stones with a similar chemical composition. And, although red is more common than others, Grenades exist in various shades of green, tender and intensely yellow, a fiery orange and earth tones. The only missing color – blue. Pomegranates are in great demand and are often used in jewelry. Along with the classic red, green and yellow flowers, very valued and its subtle nuances. The world is rich in garnet and their rarity, such as satellite grenades and stones, which change color depending on the lighting.

What else distinguishes this group of precious stones? First of all, this high hardness of 7 to 7.5 on the Moths scales. With few exceptions, it is inherent in all varieties of pomegranates. Pomegranates are not complicated in processing, but do not like baking and violent shocks. Granada inherent high refraction, which is the cause of their high gloss. Interesting, also, the form of raw crystals. The word “pomegranate” means “granular” And comes from the Latin word« geranium ». This is a typical rounded shape of crystals and the color red garnet Reminiscent of ripe fruit, grains of garnet. In the middle Ages red garnet called, also, “carbuncle”. Today, there are trade names such as Arizona Ruby, Arizona Spinal, Montana Ruby or New Mexico-ruby.

A warm red garnet illuminated Noah’s Ark more

Pomegranates are known to people thousands of years. Even Noah used a lantern of garnet, lighting the way to his ark. Grenades found in ancient Roman and Egyptian jewelry. Some travelers used to carry grenades, as a talisman. Today scientifically proven that its radiance and brilliance, grenades obliged to high refraction.Grenades have not only many flowers, but names: almandine, andradite, Dermatoid, grossularite, Hesston, proper, chocolate, savory, passerine, uvarovite and others. Restrict ourselves to the most famous and start with red garnets. First – fiery red proper. The demand was for him in the 18th and 19th centuries. It is known that time were Bohemian garnets from deposits in the north-eastern part of the former kingdom of Bohemia, small stones delicious colors. In Europe, especially in Victorian times, proper is often used in jewelry. This real bohemian jewelry traditionally dotted with many small proper, so reminiscent snug red fruit pomegranate seeds. Even today in the Czech Republic found grenades and, according to ancient tradition, is inserted into the decoration is very close to each other. The attractiveness of these classic ornaments associated primarily with the beauty of garnets.

Large stones “sockets” Plug-in is always at the center of jewelry, it is also a grenade, but others. This “almandines”Named after the ancient city of precious stones – Albany. They differ from the proper their chemical composition. Why are they used as central stones? Proper crystals in nature, usually small, whereas almandine crystals grow larger.Another red variety of garnet – rhodolite Mixed crystal of almandine and proper. This red garnet is often shades of purple or crimson flowers. Initially, it was opened in the U.S., today is mined primarily in East Africa, Sri Lanka and India.
The rich color of garnet

Fantastic deal, until this very rare variety of garnet, shocked a few years ago, experts in precious stones. On the border of Namibia and Angola in the Canine, deposit was discovered passerine, Orange and red flowers. Prior to that, passerine were stones collectors and lovers of precious stones. Because of the rarity they are practically not used in jewelry. But this discovery changed the world of precious stones. In a short time, the pomegranate has become an internationally known under the trade name “mandarin garnet. Unfortunately, mine only produces a few years. The search in the surrounding lands was wastefully expensive. Immediately it became clear that buy the expensive stone will be possible only with individual traders from their individual stocks. But it found another field of orange garnets, this time in Nigeria. His color and brilliance they are so similar to “mandarin garnets” from Namibia that distinguish them can only be experienced.

Now about the green garnets. Do they really? Yes known, several green varieties of garnet. This, above all, “grossular”Created by nature in many colors, from yellow, green and turns brown, and so valued for their pure colors. Here, too, was a surprising finding. In the last year of the outgoing 20 the century in Mali was found rich deposits of grossularite. The high gloss of the Mali garnets was particularly appealing. Even so beloved little brown, looks very lively and wonderful harmony with the new directions.

The most famous green garnet – savory or travois, belongs to a group of grossularite. Open was in 1967 by British geologist Campbell Bridge on the north-eastern Tanzania. And the name he gave the New York jeweler Tiffany post finds, near the national park Stave. Savory is a spring-green and deep green tone, and, like all garnets, particularly playing.

The star among green garnets is the rare dermatoid, Gem connoisseurs and lovers of stones. His playing is delightful, and even stronger than that of diamond. The world-famous Russian jeweler Carl Faberge was very fond of this green garnet from the Urals and used it in his masterpieces. With the new finds in Namibia, dermatoid can buy more often. Dermatoid from Namibia have good color and the game, the only “small fry”, where they lack is the so-called inclusion “horse tail”. These are thin in the form of a tail include, unique and typical for the Russian dermatoid.
Colors of gems for each fashion trends

Anyone who loves genuine naturalness and sunlit and warm colors of late summer, he will be inspired by the color spectrum of garnets. Most of them are mined in African countries; part, also in India, Russia, Central and South America. Experienced hands of cutters all over the world make it into many classical shapes and, increasingly, in modern, full of fantasy designer cuts. Grenades are always astonishingly natural, genuine beauty, multicolored, and excellent game.

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